Every year, our College sends two of our staff members to Vietnam, in order to teach English to aspiring RNDM Sisters. Trevor Lynch and I were the fortunate staff members chosen this year.

We can both attest that our visit to Vietnam was a very fulfilling and enjoyable three-week experience. We enjoyed the company of students who were willing and eager to learn and refine their English language skills. Their enthusiasm, energy and sense of humour made the teaching and learning experience very gratifying. Students who demonstrate a passion for learning always ignite a teacher’s passion for education - it was very inspiring.

Not only are we grateful for the tremendous enthusiasm of these students, we are also extremely thankful for the hospitality provided by the RNDM Sisters. Our time spent at Thu Duc community was filled with kindness, conversation, humour, laughter and, not to mention, an abundance of delicious food! This generosity of spirit and friendship shown by the Sisters meant that we always felt loved, and definitely never went hungry.

Louise Pettigrew
Thu Duc House Coordinator and English Teacher