It was fantastic to be a spectator, along with Mr Alex Smith, watching the members of the Sacred Heart Debating Team do mental and spoken battle against competitors from other schools, as part of the Western Australian Debating League’s Octo-finals. Mr Bothe also joined us to show his support for our insightful orators, for which we are very grateful. Our three teams travelled to Hale School where we acquitted ourselves well on some difficult motions.

Our Novice team debated against Hale School arguing in the negative, the motion, “That we regret the culture of fad diets”. In a close decision, the adjudicator awarded the round to Sacred Heart.

The motion for the Junior debate was, “That we should privatise prisons” and we were arguing in the negative, disagreeing with this assertion. Scotch College was able to convince the adjudicator that their arguments were more persuasive. I was extremely impressed by the courtesy which all team members showed, graciously shaking hands with their opponents and wishing them well. Our character is revealed as much in how we respond to a loss, as it is to a win.

Our Senior team members received their motion only one hour prior to debating, as are the rules for their level. In what I personally think was our good fortune, their motion was, “That Australia should adopt the one child policy”, for which they were arguing in the negative. They won convincingly.

The quarter-finals are scheduled on Tuesday 14 August at Perth Modern. I won’t wish our quarter-finalists good luck; I know they’ll be so well-prepared, they won’t need it.

Justin Whitt
Head of Learning Area - English