One of the many opportunities on offer within the Marine Science Year 10 course is the AQWA scuba diving experience. For the past few weeks the Marine Science classes have been taking turns in traveling to AQWA and taking part in scuba diving.

The amazing dive consisted of an initial talk through, then suiting up in wet suits and finally diving into the tank. The tank had schools of Spanish mackerel, massive angel fish, a hiding flounder and plenty of stingrays. It was nerve racking but exciting when you first go into the tank as the water fills your wet suit and you are loaded with your own air tank and mask. The students dived in pairs and the instructor explained everything while we were on the landing platform in the tank.

Once in the tank it is so surreal as you are amongst the fish and the stingrays are just swimming around you. The most amazing part is when the massive school of fish circles around you and just being a part of their world. There were many stingrays, most of them being smaller Eagle rays but still thrilling, with one bigger Fiddler ray that I decided to steer clear of within the dive and let him be. In the diving tank a few of the groups were signalling the outside watchers gesturing hearts and even doing push-ups on the sand. Scuba diving at AQWA was a truly amazing experience and fun adventure in Marine Science.

Lauren Carger
Year 10 Student