On Wednesday 19 September, the ECO Heart students held a large scale waste audit as part of the Environment Awareness Week at the College. The rubbish from the day before was sorted and recorded by the students to indicate the amount of waste that goes straight into landfill each day. By displaying the waste all at once the students could see the amount of rubbish being thrown away daily, which could instead be recycled.

It is the aim of the College to have the least amount of litter in the school grounds. Not only will this make our school more attractive and save money, time and resources in collecting carelessly discarded litter, it is also important from a health point of view and will limit the amount of waste being blown from the College to the nearby coastline. The ECO Hearts urge everyone to reconsider using single use plastic wraps or multi-pack snacks in their lunches to help decrease the amount of litter and plastic being discarded each day.

Danyella Roddis
Coordinator of Home Economics