Parents driving into the College may have noticed the beautiful new panels on our Observatory. These colourful paintings represent the six Aboriginal seasons, as known to the South West Aboriginal people. Under each panel is a description of the seasons.

  • Birak: December - January
  • Bunuru: February - March
  • Djeran: April - May
  • Makuru: June - July
  • Djilba: August - September
  • Kambarang: October - November

We are indebted to Roderick Collard, a South West Aboriginal artist, for allowing us to use his wonderful art. The College is grateful to our Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Jodie Hunter, and support staff Rosanna Hywood, Natasha Camilleri, Kim Street and Emma Killian for bringing a 'thought bubble' to this beautiful conclusion. I hope that the art in our school helps each of us appreciate beauty and I hope that we are reminded every day of the original custodians of this rich land we walk on.

“With the dreamtime land beneath my feet, and infinity, infinity above.” - Eric Bogle, Cornflour Blue.

Peter Bothe