On Tuesday 5 March, a group of 15 students, Mrs Hywood and Ms Hunter attended the launch of Project Compassion 2019 at Clontarf Aboriginal College, run by Caritas Australia.

We started our day by paying our respects to the Indigenous custodians of the land through dancers performing Indigenous dances and rituals. We were then led through a smoking ceremony, the burning of native plants to cleanse away the bad spirits from our bodies. For your interest, a photo of the Noongar Liturgical Seasons is available HERE.

We sat down with the 32 other schools who attended and celebrated mass, followed by the launch of Project Compassion 2019.

We were informed about the six stories (or areas) where the donations from Project Compassion will be distributed. This year’s motto is “100% Hope: Life Changes When We Give 100%”. Giving 100% during Lent to Project Compassion positively impacts the livelihoods of others who are less fortunate then ourselves. By donating to Caritas, it allows the future of others to be improved as well, creating a ripple effect.

In each PCG tray, there will be a donation box where families are encouraged to donate towards the cause. More information on Project Compassion can be found on Caritas Australia’s webpage (https://lent.caritas.org.au/).

Olivia De Longis
Year 10 Student