On Wednesday 3 April, 40 students in Years 7-11 represented the College at the annual The da Vinci Decathlon at The University of Western Australia. This is a unique competition where teams of students are challenged in 10 different disciplines (Engineering, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge) to come up with the best solutions to problems.

Our Year 11 team of Rohan Bernacki, Ryan Bunschoten, Brendan Craig, Jack Ducie, Tahlia Lam, Natasha Re, Mitchell Simpson and Lara Woodward came away as State Champions, placing 1st overall amongst 11 schools. This team placed 1st in Ideation, 2nd in English and Creative Producers and 3rd in Science, Mathematics and Engineering - a fabulous effort. 

The other teams were as follows:

Lucas Bendotti, Madeline Budas, Lachlan Doyle, Nicholas Di Falco, Jack Gilford, Erin Kretschmer, Jeremy Lewis and Chenoa Mason.

  • 21 schools involved.
  • 4th place overall! Amazing.
  • 1st - Art and Poetry, 2nd - Engineering, 3rd - Ideation and Cartography.

Isabella Fogarty, Kynan Gallen, Jacinta Gibson, Josie Hicks, Scarlett Kelly, Noah Smith, Siobhan Quinn and Bradley Warren.

  • 29 schools involved.
  • 12th place overall.
  • 2nd - Engineering and 3rd - Art and Poetry.

Leoni Burnley, Meaghan Emery, Liam Ferreira, Finn Fogarty, Cooper Hince, Alexandra Mennie, Tim Southgate and Ella West.

  • 27 schools involved.
  • 5th place overall.
  • 1st - Art and Poetry and Ideation and 2nd - Codebreaking and Creative Producers.

Matilda Anthony, Anthony Bulich, Sofia Gibson, Belinda Gill, Elizabeth Martin, Monica Olea, Salina Re and Kai Schlegl.

  • 18 schools involved.
  • 6th place overall.
  • 3rd - Codebreaking and Creative Producers.

Tanya Atherton
Head of Gifted and Talented