After finishing 2nd to John XXIII College in the All Schools Cross Country Carnival two weeks ago, Sacred Heart rebounded to record a hard fought win at the ACC Cross Country Carnival on Thursday 30 May. Sacred Heart eventually prevailed over Peter Moyes Anglican Community School to win by 80 points after trailing for most of the day. This is our 15th consecutive ACC Cross Country title and the 22nd win in the last 23 years.

The Girls won their Aggregate Trophy while the U14 Boys and Girls and U16 Boys won their Age Group Trophies.

It is important to remember that there were over 70 schools competing at the ACC Carnival, with over 300 students in every race. While all runners representing Sacred Heart performed admirably, there were several outstanding efforts that need to be highlighted at the two Carnivals:

• Taj Butter - 3rd in Boys 12 years
• Byron Martin - 4th in Boys 12 years
• Owen Hurley - 7th in Boys 15 years
• Anton Vinciguerra - 11th in Boys 14 years
• Maris Tranquille - 14th in Boys 16 years
• Claudia Dineen - 15th in Girls 14 years
• Zahra Buckley - 16th in Girls 12 years
• Sean McConnon - 17th in Boys 15 years
• Dianna Broadhurst - 18th in Girls 14 years
• Daniel Faichney - 18th in Boys 16 years
• Heather Burke - 20th in Girls 15 years
• Leah Dineen - 20th in Girls 12 years

• Owen Hurley - 1st in U15 Boys
• Claudia Dineen - 5th in U15 Girls
• Grace Tavelli - 7th in U19 Girls
• Taj Butter - 7th in U13 Boys
• Sean McConnon - 7th in U15 Boys
• Anton Vinciguerra - 8th in U15 Boys
• Zahra Buckley - 9th in U13 Girls
• Heather Burke - 9th in U16 Girls
• Byron Martin - 10th in U13 Boys
• Maris Tranquille - 10th in U16 Boys
• Tiarni Butter - 11th in U19 Girls
• Leah Dineen - 13th in U13 Girls
• Daniel Faichney - 14th in U16 Boys
• Emma Wooldridge - 15th in U19 Girls
• Ruby Cohen - 17th in U16 Girls
• Dianna Broadhurst - 19th in U15 Girls

A special mention for the efforts of Year 9 girls Tiarni Butter and Emma Wooldridge who raced up in the Open Girls (U19) and finished an excellent 11th and 15th in a fast time.

Congratulations to our inclusive runners Madison Heady (2nd overall inclusive place in U19 Girls) and Saskia Morgan (2nd overall place in U13 Girls). Madison will be selected in the ACC All Star team.

I would sincerely like to thank Miss Tedesco for her great assistance in training the team. These outstanding results were a just reward for all the hard work and commitment from the students and staff.

Paul Clement
Head of Sport