Last week, Elizabeth Martin (Year 10), Alexandra Mennie (Year 9), Kai Schlegl (Year 10), Ella West (Year 9) and Tyler Williams (Year 10), competed against 1,600 students in 530 teams at the Tournament of Champions.


The Tournament of Champions is a world academic final following the World Scholar’s Cup Regional and Global Rounds held in various locations earlier in the year. The top teams from each of the six Global Rounds are then invited to compete at the Tournament of Champions. This year, 50 countries were represented.


Alexandra competed in the Senior’s competition despite being a Junior and placed 2nd in Writing and 14th overall. Tyler also performed well in the Seniors competition, placing 57th overall.


The Senior team consisting of Kai, Alexandra and Tyler placed 27th overall and 2nd in Team Writing. The Junior team consisting of Elizabeth, Ella and Elijah from Wesley College placed 27th in Debating and 57th overall.


Congratulations to both teams!

Tanya Atherton
Head of Gifted and Talented