Sacred Heart College was named as one of Australia's Most Innovative Schools in 2019 by The Educator, a leading magazine for education professionals. Sacred Heart's submission included 16 projects across various Learning Areas, showcasing breadth and opportunity for a wide range of students.

Our Entry:

The College stays ahead of the curve by researching and implementing cutting-edge processes that enable better practices in the classroom for student learning and in the daily management of the school. For the last two years, the College placed as the National Runner-up in the Junior iAWARDS for student-created innovative apps ‘Passion Your Purpose’ and ‘Nextvax’. Both have been invited to represent Australia at APICTA. One of our start-up groups won the 'Young Innovator of the Year’ awards in 2018 with their Travel App and in 2019, ‘Nextvax‘ has been shortlisted for this award. 

Some examples of other forward-thinking projects include the introduction of soft-skill profiling and reporting, the use of web tools and data analytics for effective teaching and learning and the up-skilling of staff on tech (AI/VR/Laser/3D printing) via a ‘teacher-only space’ named the Innovation Hub. We transformed 22 learning spaces for 21st Century pedagogies, partnered with Curtin University to bring the first ever eDNA testing to the classroom, used robotics in underwater evidence collection projects, run a $12,000 Innovation Scholarship for staff initiatives and we enacted and tested NASA research on plants within the Science classrooms.

As part of our STEM courses, the College competes in robotics including FLL, FTC and RoboCup. We are the current WA State Champions in RoboCup Soccer and Maze Rescue with teams travelling to the RoboCup Australian Open (8th occasion) and two teams represented Australia at the RoboCup 2019 World titles. Recent developments have seen the use of humanoid robots to learn about AI and internet enabled devices and the design of automated vehicles that utilise Expert Systems and Machine Learning.

Students led a virtual tour of the school for families to view our facilities online. We engaged the use of 3D mapping/hologram technology to project student work in large indoor and outdoor spaces around the College. We are currently developing a Learning Resources brochure using the Dyslexie font, specifically designed to help people with Dyslexia. We created a unique online event booking and ticketing system for the use of our RNDM Theatre, which is managed by our own staff.  

The College is an eSmart school. We worked closely with Family Zone to develop a school solution to mobile hotspotting and to test a 24/7 mobile Internet-filtering management tool. ‘Mobile Zone’ gives parents the ability to keep their children safe while online and sets lock-down routines, which helps to manage the addictive nature of the Internet. We were the first school in WA to implement the software.

To help our 240 incoming Year 7 students feel welcome, we created a personalised video for each student. Their name appears in text at the start of the video and at other times on items such as folders and lockers. The Principal’s voiceover welcomes each student individually this helps create a sense of belonging to their new, large school.

Our Director of Educational Technology and Innovation, a thought leader in educational innovation, initiated a large network of staff who are in similar roles across systems and now meet regularly.