Last year, RNDM Sr Kate O’Neill visited our Young Vinnies volunteers and Year 7 students to talk about her work in the Philippines. Inspired by the talk, Mia Cubbedu (now Year 8) came up with the idea of raising money for the missions by having a special House Shirt Day. House Shirt for Mission Day raised $1,701.80 for the Missions and the College also donated two large cartons of old uniforms, stationery, medical supplies and redundant IT equipment.


Mia said “Always Striving Upwards is the motto of our amazing school. This is a reminder that whatever is done should be done for God and to always try to achieve your best for him. By participating in this small gesture of a gold coin donation, we will be able to raise enough money to help those less fortunate than us and put a smile on their face. The things we take for granted, they don’t have, so by participating you will be able to help them out and help them achieve their full potential.”


Sr Delma M. Barrientos, RNDM, wrote a letter to the College and Mia:

“I heard Mia that you were inspired by Sr Kate O’Neill when she spoke at your College. Sr Kate has done wonderful work here in the Philippines especially for the lives of the children abandoned by their families and forced to live in the streets of Manila.


You have indeed lived out your school motto Always Striving Upwards, but we rise by lifting others. What a beautiful motto! Mia the girls appreciated your generosity and I shared your initiative to all our girls in Delesan Kailawan. They were amazed with your thoughtfulness. They extended their regards and words of gratitude to you and your friends. Thank you for opening your heart for the needy. I am sure your family will be so proud of what you have done."


Sr Delma also thanked the Sacred Heart College students and community for their ongoing support of the missions.


It took three months for the two boxes to reach the girls of the Manobo Dulangan Tribe who live in the RNDM Dalesan Kailawan Education Centre on a mountain top on the Island of Mindanao off the coast of Manila. 


This venture demonstrates that we are true stewards of creation by re-purposing both uniforms, IT equipment and baby clothes and also shows the power of one Year 7 student who saw a need to help children less fortunate than ourselves.