Sacred Heart continued its impressive cross country record with comfortable wins in the recent ACC and All Schools Carnivals.
The team showed great character to win by 363 points from John XXIII in the ACC Carnival after registering a 205 point victory in the All Schools Carnival. Sacred Heart has now won 15 All Schools titles in the past 18 years and 14 consecutive ACC Carnivals.

The boys won their Overall Trophy in both the All Schools and ACC, with the Under 14 (Year 8) Boys winning the age group trophy in both Carnivals. The Open Girls won their Age Group Trophy at the All Schools Carnival.
It is important to remember that there were 68 schools competing at the ACC Carnival with over 300 students in every race. While all runners representing Sacred Heart performed admirably, there were several outstanding efforts that need to be highlighted.

All Schools Carnival:
Hannah Whitbread - 7th in Girls 17 years and over
Sarah Sundquist - 8th in Girls 17 years and over
Claudia Dineen - 10th in Girls 13 years
Riley Smith - 11th in Boys 12 years
Anton Vinciguerra - 11th in Boys 13 years
Matthew Ryan - 11th in Boys 17 years& over
Daniel Faichney - 11th in Boys 15 years
Sydney Rafferty - 12th in Girls 17 years & over
Ryan McGarry - 12th in Boys 16 years
Sean McConnon - 13th in Boys 14 years
Tait Saunders - 17th in Boys 13 years
Bailey Millar - 18th in Boys 14 years
Molly Daines - 19th in Girls 15 years
Dominic Saunders - 19th in Boys 13 years
Siena Tonkin - 19th in Girls 12 years

ACC Carnival:
Sophie Leete - 5th in Girls U14
Owen Hurley - 5th in Boys U14
Anton Vinciguerra - 6th in Boys U14
Sarah Sundquist - 7th in Girls U19
Hannah Whitbread - 8th in Girls U19
Dominic Saunders - 10th in Boys U14
Daniel Faichney - 10th in Boys U15
Caleb Roberts - 10th in Boys U16
Matthew Ryan - 10th in Boys U19
Riley Smith - 14th in Boys U13
Max Hunter - 14th in Boys U16
Sean McConnon - 15th in Boys U15
Tait Saunders - 15th in Boys U14
Callum O’Shea - 15th in Boys U16
Matthew Johnston - 16th in Boys U16
Josh Moses - 17th in Boys U16
Eoin McDonnell - 17th in Boys U14
Molly Daynes - 19th in Girls U15
A special mention for the efforts of Year 8 boy Sean McConnon who competed up an age group and recorded an excellent 15th place in the Year 9 race, scoring 20 extra points for the team.
Congratulations to our inclusive runners Julian Miller, (3rd overall inclusive place in Boys U15), Madison Heady (2nd overall inclusive place in Girls U19) and Lily Goedsir (3rd overall place in Girls U19). All three students finished first in their No Limits classification category and were selected in the ACC All Stars team.
I would sincerely like to thank Miss Tedesco and Mr Stack for their assistance in training the team. These outstanding results were a just reward for all the hard work and commitment from the students and staff.
Paul Clement
Head of Sport