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Wednesday 2 December was our last trading day for 2020. The Uniform Shop will be open by appointment only on Thursday 28 January, Friday 29 January and Monday 1 February. Bookings will open on Monday 14 December and close on Monday 25 January. The link required to book an appointment for these dates is available HERE.

Years 7 and 10 families for 2021 who are collecting laybys, orders or exchanging items may do so without an appointment.


Email and online orders will be processed in January in readiness for collection on the above dates. No appointment is necessary, but credit card details must be supplied when an order is placed. The order form can be found below.


Sport uniforms and some sundry items can still be ordered through the Online Store. New (grey) uniform items will not be available through the Online Store until 2021, but we are happy to take your orders by email.



We are still collecting brown uniform items. Please deliver these to the Uniform Shop during our normal trading hours as of Monday 8 February (Week 2, Term 1).



Please note: Boys charcoal summer shorts are now $50



Parents are welcome into the Uniform Shop, but only by appointment. Please call us on 9246 8229 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment.



Please be vigilant if you choose to purchase uniform items from Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or any other online listings. It has come to our attention that some families have been sold incorrect uniforms for their year group i.e. brown uniforms when they require grey, discontinued items such as the old taslon tracksuit (vintage pre 2008), and clothing which does not meet the College standards. Please be aware that these sites are not sanctioned by the College to sell our preloved uniforms and that it is preferable that preloved clothing is sold through the College Uniform Shop.


Sacred Heart College expects that all preloved clothing will be of a very high standard in order to maintain the dress code expected of the students. For this reason, pre-loved items sold through the Uniform Shop must be of the highest quality. All items submitted for sale must be FRESHLY WASHED and BLAZERS MUST BE DRY-CLEANED if you wish for them to be sold.


Please ensure that all pockets are empty, missing buttons have been replaced and any tears or split seams have been repaired. Items which are stained, discoloured, have not been washed or have excessive wear and tear, do not meet the College pre-loved standards and will be sent to the missions without notification.


The Uniform Shop continues to collect brown uniform items for sale. Some sizes, in particular the mid to larger size ranges, are in higher demand than the smaller sizes. Our Missions, however, are most grateful for any items, large or small, that we can supply and pass on their sincere thanks to those who have donated.


All money from the sale of pre-loved clothing is held in credit for the seller at the Uniform Shop to be used for future purchases. Credit cannot be used for online purchases. Families who have left the College will receive payment by electronic funds transfer once clothing sells. Payouts are processed once each term.

All pre-loved items must now be accompanied by THIS Authorisation Form.



Please follow the suppliers' washing and ironing instructions attached to your uniform items for best results. Do not bleach or soak and do not leave items sitting in the machine wet. Blazers are to be DRY-CLEANED ONLY. Washing blazers will cause the interfacing to shrink and the blazer will bubble or ripple and will be unsuitable for resale.



Online orders are processed on Monday and Wednesday mornings and will be ready for collection from the Uniform Shop by your son/daughter at lunch time on these days. Students are notified by email to collect their order. A second reminder will be sent two weeks later. If the item is not collected after a further two weeks, the order will be returned to stock and a credit note will be raised. We are unable to hold stock longer than this. Online orders are not able to be delivered to the student or posted out. It is the student's responsibility to remember to collect the order.



As we introduce our new Sacred Heart College uniform, it is important to realise that many items have changed in style and shape and therefore students may require a different size to what they are used to wearing. For this reason, it will be necessary for all students moving into the new uniform to be fitted correctly in the Uniform Shop.


To avoid confusion, we will be delaying the addition of new uniform items to the Online Store until students in Years 7 and 10 have been fitted for 2021. Phone orders for new uniform items are welcome after 9am on trading days. Please note that we cannot contact parents on behalf of the student to obtain credit card details.


A reminder that the new uniform must be purchased and worn in its entirety and no part of the new uniform can be worn with the old uniform or vice versa.


If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to email the Uniform Shop staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us on 9246 8229 during opening hours.



Please note that the exchange period for Uniform Shop purchases is strictly one month from the date of purchase. There are strictly no exchanges or returns available on discounted brown uniform items or pre-loved items.



Maya, our seamstress, can assist you with all your clothing repairs and alterations.

If you require alterations to any items for students or family members please feel free to drop these into the Uniform Shop for delivery to Maya. The turnaround time for repairs is one week (Wednesday – Wednesday).

Payment can be made at time of collection but please note that this is a cash only service. 



Sacred Heart College began the transition into a new uniform in Term 1, 2019. The major changes to the uniform were as follows:

  • The predominate colours will now be red/white/grey.
  • Girls will have a choice of trousers/shorts/dress or skirt (according to winter/summer requirements).
  • Black shoes will replace brown shoes.
  • The style and fabric for both boys and girls shirts have improved.
  • The introduction of a unisex tie with changes to colour, fabric and pattern.
  • College backpacks will change to red.
  • The new uniform will be phased in over the next 3 years.

Please find attached:

  • A letter from Deputy Principal (Acting Principal at the time), Mr Lucio Cicchini (HERE)
  • A visual summary of the new uniform (HERE)
  • FAQs (HERE)
  • Uniform requirements and grooming information (HERE).


Phone: (08) 9246 8229

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.