During 2019, Catholic Education WA undertook a process of becoming an Incorporated entity.


Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA Ltd) commenced operating under its new legal governance structure on 1 January 2020. Consequently, all diocesan schools, including Sacred Heart College, are now part of CEWA Ltd.


The Catholic Education Commission of WA (CECWA) is the board of CEWA Ltd and has responsibility for governing Catholic education in WA and for ensuring its financial sustainability. The College Board, as it was known for many years, is now known and referred to as the College Advisory Council to reflect CEWA Ltd.’s new governance structure.


The existing CECWA Catholic School Board Constitution (available below) is currently under review by CECWA to ensure appropriateness and consistency with CEWA Ltd.’s new governance structure. It is due to be implemented in 2022.


Accordingly, 2021 is a year of transition. The existing CECWA Catholic School Board Constitution remains in place, with some modifications to reflect CEWA Ltd.’s new governance requirements. These modifications are outlined in the Transitional Terms of Reference (2020 – 2021) which is also available below. As such, the Constitution and the Terms of Reference should be read together.


The Advisory Council is comprised of the Principal and various parents with particular skills that combine to provide sound commercial advice to senior management of the College. This additional tier of advice serves to support the efficient operations of the college; all non-government schools are required to be ‘efficient’, as defined in the Education Act (WA).

Members of the Advisory Council for 2022 are:

  • Mr Leo Di Gregorio – Principal
  • Mr Trevor Sheppard  – Chairperson and Public Relations and Marketing Committee Chairperson
  • Mrs Tricia Sumich - Deputy Chairperson and Risk Management Committee Chairperson
  • Sr Marie Therese Ryder - RNDM Representative
  • TBA - P&F Representative
  • Mr Mark Ambrose
  • Mrs Lisa Fogliani
  • Mr Matt Tindall - Building Committee Chairperson
  • Mrs Laura Wheeler
  • Ms Nicole Wilding - Finance Committee Chairperson
  • Mr Stephen Martin - Director Finance & Corporate Services (Executive Officer to the Council).